Avoke And Co Declared Persona Non-Grata By UEW Governing Council

The Governing Council of the University of Education, Winneba, has declared embattled former Vice-Chancellor of the University persona non grata following a letter the Council received from one of his lawyers.

Harold Atuguba, one of the legal representatives of Professor Mawutor Avoke and Dr. Senyo Ackorlie, wrote a letter to the UEW Governing Council to prepare a ‘seat’ for the dethroned Vice Chancellor since he is making a triumphal entry into the university on Monday, 26th November, 2018, to resume his duties as the VC of the institution.

According to Harold Atuguba, the recent Supreme Court judgment that quashed a judgment given by the Winneba High Court is suggestive of the fact that Avoke and his group were dismissed for no logical reasons, and that that verdict from the apex court of the land makes nonsense of their dismissal.

It is upon the above reasons that Avoke and Ackorlie should be welcomed with smiles as they enter the University with pomp and pageantry, according to lawyer Atuguba. This development would catapult opposition newspapers into a frenzy as they couched lofty headlines for it.

While they were still in their jubilant mood, the Governing Council of the University, led by its chairman, Prof. Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah, has poured cold water on their celebrations.

In his response, Prof. Abakah reiterated the point that no court judgment precipitated the Council to dismiss Avoke and the others and so the Supreme Court verdict which set aside the judgment from the Winneba High Court has no effect on the decision of the Governing Council as far as Prof. Mawutor Avoke and co are concerned.

He pointed out to Harold Atuguba that apart from the fact that the Winneba Court’s orders were not executed by the Council, Avoke and his gang had long been dismissed before that Winneba High Court’s case. It, therefore, makes the Supreme Court’s judgment moot.

Prof. Abakah and the Council could not come to terms with the fact that a day after Harold Atuguba had written that letter asking the GC to make Avoke’s office ready for him, the very next day, the same lawyer Harold Atuguba was in the Cape Coast High Court praying the court to overturn the dismissal of Mawutor Avoke and Senyo Ackorlie.

The Governing Council has, therefore, warned Prof. Mawutor Avoke and Dr. Senyo Ackorlie never to walk the dictates of what were contained in the letter written by their legal representative, Harold Atuguba as they have been declared persona non grata, and that the Council cannot guarantee their safety if they pay heed to Harold Atuguba’s letter.

What is interesting in this whole saga is the obvious ethnocentric tangent Atuguba and his clients have been pursuing. About seven officers were dismissed, and one wonders why only the two are being frantically fought for to make a return to their offices.

What is not in doubt is the irreversible fact that the dismissed officers of the University of Education, Winneba, will not be admitted back into the institution.

Source: P.K. Sarpong/ email: psarpong02@gmail.com

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