Ethel Bubune Mensah Forces Komla Klutse To Change His Name

A monkey in silk is a monkey no less. A leopard may go to great lengths just to alter portions of his coloured exterior, but its spots will always betray him.

Komla Klutse, for obvious reasons, has transitioned into Courage Yayra Klutse, thanks to Ethel Bubune Mensah.

Komla Klutse and his partner in crime, Kwakye Afreh-Nuamah conspired to exploit the tragic and traumatic experience of Ethel to tarnish the good reputation of an innocent man.

They alleged that a reputable young man took advantage of Ethel’s vulnerability, had his way with her and dumped her subsequently.

As good luck would have it, the young lady would not allow these criminally minded dudes to use her ordeal to destroy an innocent and nobleman.

After sending Afreh-Nuamah into hibernation, Ethel turned her gun towards Klutse and revealed very juicy tidbits about the pro-NDC journalist.

Mr. Klutse came out, guns blazing, threatened to sue Ethel if she did not withdraw her comments with an apology. A timeline was given. Ethel called his bluff and told him to do his worse.

As many waited pensively to witness how ruthless Komla Klutse would deal with the young woman, it would just happen that Klutse’s threats were empty.

That development solidified the assertions made by Ethel to the effect that Klutse had wanted to have his way with her but for her rejection of his proposals.

While many Ghanaians have been asking themselves why there has been an uncanny silence on the part of Komla Klutse and his friend, Afreh-Nuamah, the former has decided to change his skin.

A search for Komla Klutse of TV3 on Facebook will yield empty results because the journalist doesn’t want to be referred to as Komla Klutse but Courage Yayra Klutse.

He has indicated that he is taking a new identity and it is believed that the defeat he suffered in the hands of Ethel is responsible for this strange journey of his.

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