NDC’s Agenda Is To Discredit Jean Mensa For No Reason

The NDC’s hatred towards Jean Mensa has jaundiced their judgment on the recently held referendum to create the six regions.

Their prejudiced mindset stems from the dismissal of  Charlotte Osei when she was found guilty of having undertaken certain decisions and transactions which fell foul of the law.

Peter Boamah Otukonor is on Asempa FM bastardizing Jean Mensa and her team based on some videos in circulation which had some people verifying ballot papers with the view to stuffing the ballot boxes with them.

They also allege that CODEO has said that certain infractions dogged the elections in certain parts of the country, and it is upon these that the NDC is raising the red flag for Jean Mensa to be castrated.

These people are not serious. They want the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission to be guillotined by the good people of Ghana based upon these!

Nowhere in the world have elections been held without one form of an incident or the other. They should go and read Justice Atuguba’s opinion in the elections’ petition.

The agenda is to discredit Jean Mensa so that when they lose the next elections they will not only skin her alive for their loss but blame her for it as well.

If we had come to the conclusion that these people, having lost the last elections, would learn lessons from their predicament, then we have hoped in vain.

Source: P.K. Sarpong/ email: psarpong02@gmail.com

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