NDC And Ponzi Schemes Are Like Siamese Twins

There is one thing we cannot take away from the NDC. They may be sloths when it comes to managing an economy or putting the resources of the country to judicious uses but there are areas they have expertise in.

One of such areas is the birthing of Ponzi schemes. Since time immemorial, the NDC and its antecedents have seen to the mushrooming of these schemes.

Pyram and R5 entered our borders and inflicted so much pain on the people as they eventually bolted away with people’s cash.

Years later, other ‘investment’ companies also walked into the system, wormed themselves into the hearts of the people as they invested in them heavily and eventually lost their monies.

The likes of DKM, God is Love, Onward Investments, Little Drops, Jastar Motors, Care for Humanity and Buoyant all came and blossomed under the NDC.

Menzbanc and Menzbank flowered into Menzgold under the same NDC. Cracking one’s brain to establish a similar development under the New Patriotic Party would yield no fruitful results as the party has never entertained such schemes when in government.

A quick trip into time brings forth US Tilapia. The traumatic events which occurred to people who invested in it cannot be whittled down. This also happened under the National Democratic Congress.

Clearly, the opposition party is heedlessly in love with Ponzi schemes and has done a lot raising and rearing many of them as exemplified above.

The irony is that after causing such a mess and bequeathing same to the NPP to deal with, they turn round to accuse the party of killing businesses.

Source: P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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