The Mammoth Crowd That Failed To Come Out

We were told a mammoth crowd would converge at Obra Spot and confiscate the major thoroughfares in the capital city.

All political parties except the ruling New Patriotic Party would partake in the protests aimed at telling the world the porous nature of our security.

Mahama urged the entire membership of the NDC to pour onto the streets of Accra to register their displeasure at the poor state of affairs, so he termed it.

He had been a dreamer for far too long. His lofty expectations were not met.

Their placards bore the following messages:
We will resist oppressors rule
Boot for boot
Bloody MP
Ghana beyond delta force
Ghana beyond violence
Ghana beyond invisible force
Useless Gov’t
Ghana is bloody
Corrupt President
Ghana is no longer safe
IGP must go
Stop lying
Bryan is evil
Equality before the law
Nana Addo is a tyrant
Anyansafour wo he?
Bryan Emmere Dane
Police no longer friendly
Pay our money, Menzgold.

At the end of the day, the demonstration took place but with a number of people who could easily be counted.

The demonstration failed to glitter. Apart from Bernard Mornah who loves the NDC more than those who are supposed to be members of that party, the other political parties failed to make representations.

Contrary to John Mahama’s beliefs, Ghanaians do not forget that easily. In fact, the people are blessed with retentive memories so they remember all that happened under the NDC administration and would not fall prey to this stale propaganda.

Source: P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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