Unpatriotic Mahama Disgraces Ghana To The Rest Of The World

There is no gainsaying the fact that former President John Dramani Mahama is desperate for power, but for him to have gathered the rest of the world with the view to showcasing the ills that visited the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election is something that beats the imagination.

The Former President, on Wednesday, 13th February 2019, gathered members of the diplomatic community in Ghana and showed them footages of the violence which rocked the by-election in the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency.

Mr. Mahama, in the video, painted a hellishly beastly picture of Ghana’s security situation to the enthusiastic gathering.

He pontificated that Ghana under His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is in a deplorable state and that if care is not taken, Ghana’s envious democratic credentials would be eroded as a result of what he described as a state of insecurity in the country.

It would be prudent, at this juncture, not to mince words in condemning the former president for painting such a gloomy scenario of the country in terms of security.

As a former president, one would expect that he would not go to this extreme in his bid to win sympathies for himself as the next elections loom large.

For the eight years of NDC rule, Ghanaians became victims of a systemic course of violence, especially in our by-elections. The Chereponi, Atiwa and Talensi by-elections were classic cases of electoral violence whose magnitudes are yet to be bested in our electoral history.

The former president, if he were honest, would not have picked the skirmishes in the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election alone but would have added those which occurred during the Chereponi, Atiwa and Talensi by-elections.

His base and unpatriotic motives could well be detected in this well-rehearsed, aggrandized and embellished agenda to sell Ghana to the international community as a failed state.

Many a Ghanaian had hoped that if even he had concerns, he could have assembled some civil society organizations in the country to express his misgivings about what transpired in Ayawaso West Wuogon.

The good people of Ghana must condemn this unstatesmanlike behavior of the former president. It would appear that winning the next elections is far more important to him if it would even send Ghana’s enviable reputation downhill.

Source: newsroomgh.com

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